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The University has ample provisions for hostel accommodation at the Campus for both male and female students. The halls of residence for male students have an accommodation for about 1000 students and are named as:

  • Quaid-e-Azam Hall
  • Iqbal Hall
  • Umer Hall
  • Usman Hall
  • Ali Hall

Another hall with the accommodation for 400 students is under construction. A separate hall for international students is being planned to be constructed in near future.

The hall of residence for female students is named as:

  • Ayesha Hall

It has an accommodation for 200 students.

The management of the halls is supervised by the Senior Warden. Each hall is looked after by Resident Tutor/s being faculty members.

The students themselves manage many aspects of life in the halls. The halls are provided with common rooms, dining halls, canteens, mosques and other such places of common utility. Each hall has its own mess with adequate messing and dining facilities. The mess is run on a no-profit no-loss basis. A Students Mess Committee under the supervision of a Resident Tutor regulates the weekly menu, finances, billing and quality of the food.

The students are required to abide by the rules and regulations governing residence in the University halls and are encouraged to develop community life conducive to healthy growth of the social aspects of their personalities.


The Central Library UET Taxila has launched its newly developed web based Library Automation System named as UET LIBAS which can be accessed using following address:


The Central Library of the University plays a vital role in dissemination of knowledge, teaching, research, and extension services. It has a seating capacity for about 100 readers at its different halls, which provide congenial conditions for study. The reading halls remain open (2 shifts) from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm on all working days providing break for Jumma prayer 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm. The Library is stocked with encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, standard specifications, yearbooks, almanacs, abstracts, indexes and a big reserve collection of text and general technical books

Stocks and Services
The Library has more than 40000 volumes of books, 45000 volumes of bound serials, and scattered issues of scientific and technical serials on diverse fields. Besides engineering subjects considerable reading material on humanities, social sciences and Islamic Studies is available.
The members can borrow books and other materials, (except serials, reference or reserved books) for specific periods. They can also reserve materials, which are out in circulation. For this, reservation cards are to be handed over at the circulation counter. The Library provides photocopy service as well.

Book Bank and Co-operative Book Store
The Library houses a Book Bank, which lends textbooks to the undergraduates for long periods on a nominal rent. Books, which are in excess of the requirements of the Book Bank, are sold to the students on a no-profit no-loss basis through its Co-operative Bookstore.


To meet the information requirements of students, researchers of UET Taxila, Pakistan with the provision of quality scholarly information based electronic delivery Through Pakistan Educational Research Network (PERN). HEC has given the online access of journals and research papers to UET Taxila. Access to all these resources is free of cost from within the UET Taxila intranet for students and researchers of UET Taxila.

Health Facilities

The University provides medical facilities to its employees and students. Salient features of the existing health policy for students are listed hereunder:

  1. Students will be provided free consultation by the Medical Officer.
  2. Available medicines will be issued to students through authorized prescription only.
  3. Night dispensary service will be available in emergency only.
  4. In acute emergency, where a student cannot move, immediate report be made to RT who will make arrangements for further treatment under rules (i.e. ambulance, consultation, admission etc.). The expenditure shall be borne by the student.
  5. Boarders will be required to fill in the proforma of previous medical history mentioning the disease he carries.
  6. Indoor treatment from unauthorized medical attendants is not allowed.


Adequate transport facility is provided for students and the buses are plying between Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Hassan Abdal, Wah Cantt and the campus. This facility is, however, not obligation of the University and it can be reduced or terminated if the policy and/or the financial conditions so demand.



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